I recently released Test::WWW::Selenium::More to CPAN. It is a small collection of utilities to help you write Selenium tests. Here are some reasons to use it:

  1. It has a manual which provides a concise but fairly comprehensive howto guide to Selenium testing in Perl.

  2. It uses Moose so you can more easily use roles. For example you might want a role for methods that deal with authentication and a role for methods that deal with payments.

  3. Smarter testing with methods like wait_for_jquery() and jquery_click(). You should never sleep() in your Selenium tests because that leads to slow tests with random failures which leads to frustration, low morale, hair pulling, and heavy drinking.

  4. Method chaining. Here is what this looks like:

     use Test::Most;
     use Test::WWW::Selenium::More;
     ->note('Search google')
     ->title_like(qr/Google Search/)
     ->type_ok('cat pictures')
     ->note('Check the number of results')
     ->is_text_present_ok('2 bajillion results');

Bugs or patches? https://github.com/kablamo/Test-WWW-Selenium-More