I recently relocated from London to the Chicago area so I have been doing interviews. When I interview a potential client or employer I carry this list of questions with me. Most of the questions I have taken from other sources online. I have listed them in roughly the order I ask them.

Understanding the job

  • What will I be doing every day (precisely)?
  • Why are you hiring? New product? Scaling? Someone quit?
  • Who will I report to?
  • Who will I be working with? How big are the teams?
  • What are my boss’ goals for the next 6 months/year?
  • What is the key metric for the company? For my group? For my boss?

Understanding the culture

  • How do you build software? Where do requirements and features come from? Is it a very formal process or is there no process?
  • What problems does the group have that need to be solved?
  • Is there a mandate to fix legacy code and problems that exist?
  • What do you wish you had known before starting work here?
  • Whats the worst part of this job and whats the coolest thing you have built here, personally?

Tools and best practices

  • What tools are being used?
    • bug tracking
    • version control
    • which version of Perl
    • what operating system
    • why were those choices made
  • Is there a mandate to use the latest stuff from CPAN?
  • Are there tests?
  • Are there automated tests?
  • What is deployment like?
  • Is Moose used? OO?


  • Is there any allowance for remote work?
  • Are there core business hours?
  • Will I be oncall?