I added a git-vspark script to my App::Git::Spark CPAN module. It does the same thing as git-spark but instead of normal horizontal sparklines, it uses “vertical” sparklines. Here’s what that looks like:

$ git vspark --months 8 batman
Commits by batman over the last 8 months
total: 233   avg: 29   max: 69
 12 ██▋
 18 ████
 69 ███████████████▏
 59 ████████████▉
 16 ███▌
 28 ██████▏
 12 ██▋
 19 ████▎

This effect is achieved using Term::Vspark. Its companion module Term::Spark is a small pure Perl replacement for Zach Holman’s original spark implementation and it now powers my git-spark script.

These libraries were fun little projects developed over the past few weeks mainly by Gil Gonçalves with a few pull requests from myself. Having them available on CPAN means you can easily use sparklines in your own Perl code.